M60-A3 Main Battle Tank

M60-A3 Main Battle Tank

Manufacturer: General Dynamics Land Systems, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The A3 is the final production version of the M60 type. The original M60 was introduced in 1960, a derivative of the earlier M48 tank. The first M60 type, a hybrid and in many ways unsatisfactory, was replaced by the first ‘proper’ M60 — the M60-A1 — in 1962. An unsuccessful A2 derivative — with missile-launching equipment — was produced from 1972, but it was later withdrawn from service and converted to a variety of specialised uses.

The A3 derivative, an improvement of the A1, entered production in 1978. It featured an uprated engine, two-axis stabilisation of the main gun, laser rangefinder, thermal night-vision equipment and a computerised fire-control system.

Continuing a long tradition of North American tank design, the M60 is a very tall vehicle, at 3.27m.

Production of the M60 series ceased in 1987, by which time over 15,000 vehicles had been built for various markets.

Technical specifications

Engine: Teledyne Continental AVDS-1790-2C 12-cylinder air-cooled diesel producing 750hp at 2400rpm
Maximum speed: 48km/h
Fuel capacity & range: 1420l, 480km
Armament: 105mm main gun, 7.62mm MG coaxial, 12.7mm AAMG, 2x6 smoke grenade dischargers
Combat weight: 52.617t
Length: 6.946m excluding gun (9.436m gun forwards)
Width: 3.631m
Height: 3.27m
Armour: max. 120mm (estimated)
Crew: four