Manufacturer: GKN Defence.

Development. The FV434 is a member of the FV432 family of APC's and is operated by the REME, its primary role is to repair disabled and damaged vehicles, for example changing the complete power pack of a Cheiftain MBT, but it has no recovery capability. The FV434 in unable to handle the powerpack of the challenger MBT so it has been replaced in some armoured units by the Cheiftain ARRV, pending the service of the Challenger ARRV.

Technical specifications

Engine: Rolls Royce K60 No 4 Mk 4F, 2 stroke, 6 cylinder,
twin crankshaft, multi-fuel. 240bhp @ 3750rpm
Maximum speed: 47kmh (road), 6kmh (water)
Fuel capacity & range: 480 km, 454L
Armament: 1 x 7.62 L7A2 GPMG (1000 rounds) or L1A1 LMG (336 rounds) 2 x 3 Barrel Smoke Dischargers
Combat weight: 17,750 kg
Length: 5.72 m
Width: 2.84m
Height: 1.891m Roof
Armour: 6-12mm
Crew: 4