Centurion ARV

Manufacturer: Vickers Defence Systems.

Development of the Centurion Mk2 ARV (FV4006) was developed in the early 1950's first production was completed by vickers in 1956/57. Until the introduction of Cheidtain ARV it was the standard ARV of the British Army. The basic chassis is identical to the Centurion MBT's with driver front right and superstructure for remaining three crew men and whinch to his rear.
The Commander's cupola is mounted on the roof and armed with 7.62mm MG aimed and fired from inside, turret transverse is 360* and MG elevation from -15* to + 45*, the engine and transmission are at the rear of hull. The main winch has capacity of 31,000kg but can be increased with snatch blocks to 90,000kg, and has 137m of 88.9mm diameter rope

Technical specifications

Engine: Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. IVB 12-cylinder liquid-cooled petrol developing 650bhp at 2,550rpm.
Maximum speed: 34.6 kph (road)
Fuel capacity & range: 1,045 Lit / 102km
Armament: 1x 7.62mm MG, 2x 5 smoke dischargers
Combat weight: 50, 295
Length: 8.66m
Width: 3.39m
Height: 2.895m
Armour: 76mm (max) Steel
Crew: 4