BRDM-2 ATGW (sagger)

Manufacturer: Molotov GAZ plant, Gorkiy, former USSR.

Development of the BRDM-2 Sagger began in the late 1960's to replace the earlier BRDM-1. Used in operation by Egypt and Syrian Army in the 1973 Middle East conflict. Automotively in identiacal to the BRDM-2 amphibious, when in firing position the six-round Sagger launcher complete with overhead armour protection, is raised above roof the roof of the vehicle and missiles are launched from inside.

Technical specifications

Engine: GAZ-41 V-8 water cooled petrol developing 140bhpat 3,400rpm
Maximum speed: 100kph (10kph Water)
Fuel capacity & range: 290lt 750kph
Armament: Launcher with 6 Sagger ATGW (removed on picture above)
Combat weight: 7,000Kg
Length: 5.75m
Width: 2.35m
Height: 2.01m (launcher retracted)
Armour: 14mm max. Steel.
Crew: 2-3