Below are just a few of the on going projects at the Tank Museum.

This is an MTLB captured in Iraq in 2003. It has been totally refurbished as a gate guardian for the RAF by the museum workshops.

The 23mm anti aircraft gun mounted on the back of the vehicle is a local Iraqi modification.The armour of the MTLB is so thin that it is not fully proofed against small arms fire, let alone anything larger.

The vehicle took 3 weeks to refurbish and is now on display at an RAF base.

A very in depth look at the Beacon Hill Defences in Harwich, Essex, UK. A future site for development and restoration. Click here for lots more info.

A T55 tank looking worse for wears, but soon to be fully restored to its former glory.
For a few more pics come this way.

One of our Stalwart waiting to be restored and converted to diesel.
This BRDM is soon to have a full and extensive engine and electical rebuild!

Want to know where a certain Cheiftain is? We have listings of all the models ever produced!. They may take some time to load on slower connections!
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(Many Thanks To Bob Griffin)