July 2004

This is an MTLB captured in Iraq in 2003. It has been totally refurbished as a gate guardian for the RAF by the museum workshops.

The 23mm anti aircraft gun mounted on the back of the vehicle is a local Iraqi modification.The armour of the MTLB is so thin that it is not fully proofed against small arms fire, let alone anything larger.

The vehicle took 3 weeks to refurbish and is now on display at an RAF base.

July 2004 The Tank Museum will be closed the weekend of 23rd to 25th July. We shall be at the War and Peace show in Beltring, Kent.
Jan 2004 Various small updates.
May 2003 We now have a paint ball site at the museum. www.one-commando-supplies.co.uk
May 2003 Tracked Rapier added to collection.
May 2003 East England Tank Museum confirm that we will be at Beltring July 2003
April 2003
2 x WWII Comets are now in the collection. Out of the 2 vehicles one will be restored to a running condition, the other will be a static.


The photo is the first Comet just before it was recovered.
March 2003
We have recently received a British Conqueror Main Battle Tank. It has been sitting on a range for several years. Restoration has now started on the vehicle.
Feb 2003
Czech OT62 added to collection.
Jan 2003 A Diesel Stalwart was recently purchased and is now fully operational.
September 2002 New Forum added, plus some minor updates.
13 February 2002 Tank Museum has a new location - Various Changes site wide. At last.
Inc a recent addition of a T72 ARV

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13 January 2001 Updates to Vehicle pages.
26 January 2000 Updates to web site, some new vehicle information added, some new wall paper and complete listings for Cheiftain tank.
2 Febuary 2000
New picutres of our M60 have been added to the site, picture change on front page also.
25 April 2000
Vehicle Information Updated along with some links.
27 April 2000
The East Of England Tank Museum will hopefully be aquireing some new vehicles, check back soon for more details on what how and where!
28 April 2000
Two new pictures of our Cheiftain in the wild.
13 June 2000
Although updates having been thin on the ground we are working on a new section concerning communication devices, check back soon for new pages.